Astrid Pots, Grey Brown

$10 to $78

Curved simple planter with subtle organic streaking throughout. No two are exactly alike. The color varies and certain pots can appear grey or more brown depending on the specific pot. The curved shape make this a good option to pair with rope hanging planters.


This style does not have a drain hole. We recommend keeping your plant in its plastic grower's pot and placing it inside this larger decorative pot. This will ensure that your plant will have a healthy drainage system. We only recommend potting drought-resistant plants directly into pots without a drain-hole, like cacti or succulents.

Also available in Tan.


XXS - Plants in a 2-4" diameter pot
XS - Plants in a 4" diameter pot 
S - Plants in a 4-6" diameter pot
M - Plants in a 6" diameter pot
L - Plants in 6-8" diameter pot
XL - Plants in 8" diameter pot
XXL - Plants in a 10" diameter pot

Varied Sizes