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Berlin Pot with Wood Stand

$100 to $175 [sold out]

This cylinder concrete pot fits snugly in a simple oak wood stand. Available in three sizes. The largest size (not pictured here) has a tapered shape and three wood legs that attached at the base. 


This style does not have a drain hole. We recommend keeping your plant in its plastic grower's pot and placing it inside this larger decorative pot. This will ensure that your plant will have a healthy drainage system for watering. We only recommend potting drought-resistant plants directly into pots with out a drain-hole, like cacti or succulents. 


Small - For a plant in a 6-8" diameter pot
Medium - For a plant in a 8-10" diameter pot
Large - For a plant in a 10-12" diameter pot


Concrete, Wood 


Pots are available for in-store pickup or local Seattle delivery. We are not shipping pots at this time. For more details about local delivery, please email us directly.