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Calathea makoyana, "Peacock Plant"

$14 to $38 [sold out]

Native to Africa and South America, these plants require a little extra attention to keep happy, but their foliage will reward you with graphic patterns and colors. The Peacock plant is pictured here has rounded leaves with thick stripes and dots.


LIGHT: Bright, indirect light. Direct sun will burn the leaves and cause the color to fade. An east, west, or north window is ideal.

WATER: Very sensitive to regular tap water. Distilled, filtered, or rain water preferred. Aim to keep the soil moist at all times, but never soggy. Never let a Calathea plant sit in water.

HUMIDITY:  Humidity is key with these plants. They would be happy in a bathroom with bright, indirect light or sitting on a tray of pebbles with water below the rocks. Aim to keep humidity level at 60% or higher in order to avoid brown leaf edges.

TEMPERATURE:  60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Calathea plants do not like cold drafts.

FERTILIZER:  1x/month during the active growing season.

TOXICITY: Calatheas are non-poisonous houseplants.


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