Stone & Water Workshop


Concrete is a fluid material and able to take on the shape and texture of whatever mold or formwork it is cast into. In this workshop, architect and gardener, Fiona Booth, will demonstrate the steps involved in making custom lightweight planters out of concrete. 


Part one: The first part of this hands-on workshop is an introduction to working with concrete and an overview
 of the process of creating the concrete castings. Each participant will go through steps of prepping and setting two different vessels. The class runs for approximately an hour.
Part two: All vessels will sit and part two involves picking up your vessel at your convenience. At that time, a plant specialist can assist with selecting and potting the new vessels.


- Part 1: Saturday, October 20th 12-1pm
- Part 2: 10/28 - 11/3
- Class fee includes 2 potted planters & take away instructions



  • Stone & Water Workshop
  • Stone & Water Workshop
  • Stone & Water Workshop
  • Stone & Water Workshop

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