Dyna-gro Neem Oil


This pure oganic, cold pressed Neem Oil comes directly from the seeds of Indian neem tree. In India, products from the neem tree have been used for thousands of years for a variety of applications including their horticultural and medicinal benefits. Neem Oil leaf polish should be applied early or late in the day as hot sunlight may cause leaf burn. Neem Oil may be drenched directly into soil or applied as a foliar spray. A mild dish washing liquid soap should be used as surfactants to emulsify Neem Oil so it can be sprayed on plants or drenched in the soil. Warm or hot water will facilitate getting Neem Oil into suspension for a spray or drench. Sold as a leaf polish, but also works extremely well as a natural insecticide.

8 oz., 100% Need Oil
No water or additives and completely biodegradable