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Natural Dyeing Workshop with Maggie Pate, Indigo Batik Banner

$85 [sold out]

Archived Workshop:

Batik is an ancient resistance technique originating from Indonesia. Learn about the history of this process and the steps involved in creating these patterns or designs on natural fabrics. This is a 2-hour hands-on workshop with detailed instruction on how to utilize gutta glue works as a resisting medium and the process of using an indigo dye bath to magically reveal the design. 


    During this class, the following items will be provided to practice dyeing:

    -Natural Cloth Banner (8" x 11")
    -Wood Hanging Rod

    If you are interested in bringing your own fibers to batik, please email us in advance. We will try to accommodate all requests.


    Textile artist, Maggie Pate has cultivated a studio that is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. Her main focus is on capturing color predominantly with food waste collected from local restaurants and farms. In June 2018, she released her first book, "The Natural Colors Cookbook." Her book explores in-depth how to capturing color with food waste and pantry basics, making natural dyeing and sustainable colors accessible to all. 


    Can't make it to this workshop but would like to be notified of future similar classes? Please shoot us an email at and we'll keep you in the loop.