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Intro to Bonsai Workshop

$135 [sold out]

Join us for a special study in nature and intentionality at our introductory Bonsai Workshop. Elements of bonsai design and styling, as well as pruning and potting techniques, will be demonstrated and discussed. This class consists of a 1-hour lecture followed by 1-hour of hands-on time.


This class is led by bonsai guru Robert Cho, educator and grower for over 30 years. His trees are represented at the Pacific Bonsai Museum.


Robert Cho has always had an undeniable passion and appreciation for nature.  He spent his childhood in Indonesia, moved to China when he was a young teen, and attained a degree in Electrical Engineering in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.  After university, however, he answered his true calling and began his career in Bonsai in Asia in the 80s, and eventually in the United States.  From years of living in various weather climates from the different places of residence throughout his life, Robert has developed unique Bonsai training techniques based in the Lingnan and Jiangsu style with splashes of influences of the Beijing and Min style.  Robert's invaluable life experiences truly translate into a one of a kind interpretation of the Art of Bonsai. 


Today Robert works and resides in South King County.  Traveling between North America and Asia regularly seeking  unconventional experiences and new ideas.  In addition to teaching quarterly Bonsai classes at South Seattle Community College and hosting lectures at various nurseries throughout Washington State, Robert is also an occasional guest instructor for the Kent and Snoqualmie Valley School District, making every possible effort to pass on the experience and  knowledge to raise awareness for the Art of Bonsai for generations to come.


This workshop will take place at the Melrose Market, located at 1527 Melrose Ave. Workshop fee includes one 5-6 years old Procumben Nana Juniper, soil and lava rock, and a ceramic pot.



Questions? Feel free to email us directly.