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Introduction to Ethnobotany

$45 [sold out]


Archived Workshop:


Join us as we explore the relationship between people and plants through the lens of ethnobotany. This class is perfect for plant lovers of all skill sets who want a deeper understanding of where plants come from and how they affect us today. Participants will examine their own culture with a new perspective through the framework of plants.


Class outline includes:

- Defining the term, “ethnobotany,” its etymology and history

- Exploring personal ethnobotanical relationships (i.e. houseplants, gardening, agriculture, permaculture, etc)

- Examining plants in ritual and religion

- Studying plant materials for clothing, housing, tools, medicine

- Exploring plants in art and artifact: Symbolism and visual knowledge

- Discussing plants in urban ecology (from houseplants to parks, to street trees and city landscapes)

Participants will be encouraged to tell the story of what makes a specific plant important to them and discuss what they have in common through plants while embracing the plants and subjects that are new to them.


Rosie Cullinane is one of Glasswing’s Plant Specialists; she earned an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Ethnobotany, which focused on ecology, anthropology and art history, at New York University in 2016. Prior to entering graduate school, she was a practicing Master Gardner in Kitsap County, WA for seven years, where she advocated for environmental stewardship through the framework of horticulture. In addition to her role at Greenhouse, Rosie works intermittently on academic projects in collaboration with University art historians, identifying plants in art and artifact for any symbolic, metaphorical or cultural content. Rosie enjoys sharing her plant knowledge and is enthusiastic about general public education and helping people connect the dots between their daily lives and their place on the planet. 


In this class, you'll receive a copy of Plants, People, and Culture: The Science of Ethnobotany as well as one small plant to take home. Gift a workshop: Our classes make thoughtful, engaging presents. If you'd like to purchase a workshop for someone, please make a note during checkout.


Class will take place in our new greenhouse and design studio, located at 1351 E. Olive Way (between Bellevue and Melrose Ave).

Questions? Can't make this class date? Email us, and we'll notify you of our next workshop.