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Kinto Cylinder Pot & Saucer, Earth Gray

$19 to $39

A straight sided pot with matching saucer in an unglazed, slightly textured ceramic finish. Pots come with a nicely sized drainhole so plants can be potted directly into this vessel.


Also available in Dark Grey.


approximate measurements

XS - Fits a 2" plant
S - Fits a 2-4" plant
M - Fits a 4-6" plant



Made in Japan
XS - [pot] 3.4 x H2.6 in, [saucer] 3.4 x H0.4 in
S - [pot] 4.2 x H3.4 in [saucer] 4.2 x H0.4 in
M - [pot] 5.4 x H4.2 in [saucer] 5.4 x H0.6 in