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MAN-TLE R0C1 Unisex Hat, Black Wax

$150 [sold out]

C1 is the shallower version of the MAN-TLE six panel cap made from a custom woven high-density cotton chambray with paraffin wax coating. This signature MAN-TLE cloth is both stiff and windproof and has its own shape retaining memory. The cloth will develop character over time with wear, it will fade, soften and irregularities may form. This is a common characteristic to using natural fibers finished without color-fasting chemicals and due to the nature of the wax coating. Details include an army button threaded onto 8mm wide car seatbelt tape, used to adjust the size.


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OS - brim depth 7cm / circumference 53cm to 63cm / depth [squatchee to side] 16cm


Made in Japan 
100% Cotton Chambray with Paraffin Wax