Natasha Alphonse Reduction Fired Mugs

$62 [sold out]

​Wheel thrown stoneware mug. Soft matte crackle glaze on the exterior with a satin pale blue interior. Fired by a slow, low temperature process known as reduction firing, which prevents oxygen from interacting with the glaze and renders a natural, textured finish.


Note : Each piece is unique. The one you order may have subtle differences from the item in the photograph.


Natasha Alphonse is a Seattle ceramic artist, originally from the Northern tip of Saskatchewan. She grew up on a small reservation called Black Lake First Nations and being apart of the Denesuline tribe grounded her and always brought forward a connection to the earth and nature. This is often reflected in her ceramic process and the rituals surrounding each piece.


Made in Seattle
Food Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Holds 12oz.