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Patt Pots, Natural

$12 to $210

These clayfiber pots have a smooth, but imperfect texture that compliments the natural warmth of the material. They are industrial, yet modern with a slightly tapered shape and pair well with any plant. Patt pots have a curved bottom creating a grounding shape. 


Since these pots do not have a drainage, we recommend keeping your plant in its plastic grower's pot and simply placing it inside of this pot. This double pot system creates the drainage needed to keep the soil of your plant healthy.


Also available in Black.


S- Plants in a 4" diameter pot
M - Plants in a large 4" or small 6" diameter pot
L - Plants in a 6" diameter pot
XL - Plants in a 6-8" diameter pot
XXL - Plants in a 10" diameter pot
XXXL - Plants in a 12-14" diameter pot


Assorted Sizes