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Philodendron tatei, "Congo Rojo"

$12 to $210

Unlike most vining philodendrons, the congo will grow upward and out from the center with deep green ovate leaves and a sprawling habit. Rotate your congo regularly to keep an evenly growing shape. 

LIGHT Can grow almost anywhere except in the direct sun. In low light the plant often looks stretched out as it tries to reach for the light.

WATER Always allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering a Philodendron. When watering, cover the entire surface to prevent leaf problems because of dry soil areas.

̴TEMPERATURE Between 70-85 degrees. Keep these plants away from cold drafts and air conditioners. Higher humidity is a plus, but Philodendrons do well in basic household humidity.

̴Poisonous if ingested.

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