Pilea microphylla, Variegated Artillery

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This plant specimen is also called the Artillery Plant and features tiny, light-green leaves on upright stems. The plant has small flowers that explosively send pollen into the air, which is how the plant got its name: the Artillery Plant. It is a great choice in a terrarium, or as a houseplant. This plant prefers moderate light and moist soil. 


LIGHT: Bright, indirect light or direct morning sun is preferred. Too much sun will burn the leaves and cause them to brown. Too little light produces leggy growth.

WATER: Keep soil moist, but not soggy at all times. During fall and winter, allow the top 10% of soil to dry out before watering again. High humidity is key with this plant.

TEMPERATURE: An ideal range is 60-80 degrees. 

FERTILIZERFertilize during their active growing season (spring-fall). 

ORIGIN: Mexico and Central America

TOXICITY: Non-toxic


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