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Cacti are diverse members of the Cactaceae family, and are hardy desert plants. Evolving to thrive in arid environments, these succulents feature fleshy stems, spines, and unique shapes. Their low-maintenance nature and striking appearances have made them popular choices for indoor and outdoor decoration, embodying resilience and adaptability. Please note that not every cactus is the same, and availability is subject to what we have in-store.


LIGHT These plants prefer bright light or direct sun.

WATER Keep dry for as long as possible. In the summer months, water about once per month and do not water between December and early February.

TEMPERATURE Cacti can tolerate dramatic changes in temperature between day and night. Keep above 40 degrees at night.

FERTILIZER Cacti generally do not need fertiliser indoors.


NOTES These plants are toxic and should be kept away from pets and children. They may flower occasionally in the summer months.


All pants come in their plastic grower's pot
Decorative Pots Sold Separately
Plants are available in-store pickup or local delivery only
Delivery surcharge may be applied for oversized plants