Cissus Rotundifolia, Peruvian Grape Ivy

$7 to $45

Cissus is a large group of trailing plants that grow in tropics around the world, ranging from very warm jungles to semi-arid climates where they are deciduous vines. The family has a large variety of leaf shape and trailing attributes. The Rotundifolia is one of the easy varieties to grow indoors and trails beautifully under the right care.


Bright, indirect light. Direct sun is not required.

During the growing season, provide steady water to keep the soil constantly moist. Allowing the plant to dry slightly between waterings.  Back off on watering in the winter and allow the soil to partially dry.

Feed during the growing season with a weak liquid fertilizer, reducing both water and fertilizer during the winter months but not enough to completely stop growth.

Keep away from cold drafts. If you start seeing brown or curled leaves, you might be watering too much.

This plant is not toxic.