Howea forsteriana, "Kentia Palm"

$85 to $1,200

This Kentia palm is an elegant option for a large specimen indoor plant. Their large sweeping fronds have a graceful, calming appearance. This variety of palm is slow growing which is why larger specimens are more expensive. Kentias are durable and very forgiving and make for a great option for home or office.

LIGHT: Full to part sun or very bright, indirect light

WATER: Not recommended to pot into a container without a drain hole. This plant likes a thorough watering, then should be allowed to dry down 2" between waterings.

POTTING: A fast draining soil mix is ideal for easier drainage. Palms can be sensitive to being removed from a pot. Wait until the plant is rootbound before repotting and be gentle with its roots.

FERTILIZER: 1x/mo spring through fall.


Decorative Pot Option: Modern Cylinder with Raised Rib Saucer
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