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Philodendron tatei, "Congo Green"

$14 to $150 [sold out]

Unlike most vining philodendrons, the congo will grow upward and out from the center with deep green ovate leaves and a sprawling habit. Rotate your congo regularly to keep an evenly growing shape. 


LIGHT: Bright indirect light. Low light will make the plant leggy and reaching. 

WATER: Water thoroughly so that water drains out the bottom of the pot, then allow the top 40% of soil to dry before watering again. Make sure the potting medium is fast-draining to prevent root rot. Do not overwater. Signs of overwatering might include water droplets or yellowing edges on the leaves. Signs of under-watering include brown leaf edges. Adding humidity to the environment is beneficial to increase leaf growth.

TEMPERATURE: Between 70-85 degrees. Keep these plants away from cold drafts and air conditioners and keep above 50 degrees. Higher humidity is a plus, but Philodendrons do well in basic household humidity.

FERTILIZER: 1x/month during it's active growing season (spring through fall)

ORIGIN: South America

NOTES: These plants are toxic and should be kept away from pets and children.


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