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Portulacaria afra, "Elephant Bush"

$10 to $68 [sold out]

A stalking plant that is apart of the succulent family. The bush has thick succulent brown stems with small tender green leaves that resemble a diminutive jade plant. They thrive in bright light in a warm, draft free room. Elephant bush is aptly named because in the wild, the plant may get 6 to 20 feet tall where it is a favorite food of elephants. As an indoor plant, it is much more likely to remain just a few feet tall.


LIGHT: Full to part sun

WATER: Allow top 50% of soil to dry between waterings. Shriveled leaves indicate the plant needs more water. Water more often during the active growing season, less often in dormancy.

TEMPERATURE: An ideal range is 60-80 degrees. Keep plant away from cold drafts, air conditioners, heaters, and fireplaces.

FERTILIZERFertilize during their active growing season (spring-fall). 

ORIGIN: Native to South Africa

TOXICITY: These plants are toxic and should be kept away from pets and children.


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