Scindapsus pictus, "Silver Splash Pothos"

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Pothos are highly adaptable plants with heart-shaped leaves. They come in a variety of different colorings and are easy to care for and grow almost anywhere, which make them a perfect houseplant for beginners. This variety is known as the Satin or Silver Splash Pothos and has hints of iridescent silver on its leaves. This trailing plant is well suited for a shelf or hanging planter.


LIGHT: The lighter the color in the leaves, the more light the plant requires. Bright indirect light is ideal, but this plant can adapt to lower light conditions. Avoid direct sun as it will burn the leaves.

WATER: Water well and then allow the top 50% of soil to dry out before watering again. Over-watering is the main reason a pothos plant dies, so keeping the plant in a well-draining pot helps. Leaf droop indicates that the plant is thirsty.

TEMPERATURE: 60° and 80°. Avoid placing the plant near a heating or cooling source.

TOXICITY: Plant is toxic and should be kept away from pets and children.


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