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Platycerium, "Staghorn Fern"

$12 to $100

Named after its deer-like antlers, the Staghorn fern is one of the easiest ferns to grow. Plants have two types of fronds: basal and fertile. The basal fronds are sterile and anchor the plant against trees. They also protect the plants roots. The fertile fronds bear spores for reproduction. Because these plants often grow naturally on trees or rocks, they make great options for mounted plant projects.


LIGHT: Bright filtered light or direct morning sun.

WATER: Water when top 20% of soil is dry. Keep soil drier in winter. Green fronds droop from under-watering and drop from over-watering. Plants like humidity, but avoid water sitting on leaves as it may cause powdery mildew.

TEMPERATURE: Ideal range is 60-80 degrees.

SOIL: Plants should be potted in a light weight medium containing some orchid bark and/or peat moss. 

TOXIC: Non-toxic


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