Postalco Channel Point Pen Dot


Individually crafted solid metal ballpoint pen with a unique U-clip. This dot texture means that even with a light grip you can write comfortably. Enjoy the smooth ink flow of Jet Stream Uniball refills. When your hand isn't tired you have better control. Effortless writing. This is a thinking tool. Ink cartridge included: SXR-5 0.5mm waterproof ink. 


Strawberry grip
Usually fruits hide their seeds on the interior. Not strawberries. A strawberry keeps its seeds on the outside, spread out in a pleasant pattern. While experimenting with different grips we found this strawberry-like texture to be extremely comfortable. It feels refined: less like a tool and more like an instrument.

Satisfying mechanics
The clip is also the button that exposes the tip of the ballpoint. Pushing on the top exposes the pen tip, while pressing on the front retracts it.


Made in Japan
Solid Metal, Weight 26g
1 x 14.7 x 1.4 cm / 0.4" x 5.9" x 0.6"

Care Instructions