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Postalco Notebooks, Moss Square Dyed

$22 [sold out]

Each sheet of Washi paper is folded into a series of rectangles and dipped in trays of dye to create a Shibori pattern throughout. Fold wrinkles and irregular coloration is to be expected. Using renewable resource fibers this paper is acid-free. Starch-pressed cotton is bonded to the cover of these notebooks. The colors will lighten with use and the weave of the fabric will become more apparent with wear. The fabric is treated making it water-resistant.

The versatile grid paper has texture that keeps the pen from slipping too easily and makes it an ideal writing surface to keep thoughts flowing. Suitable for writing or drawing. Page thickness prevents most show-through. This paper is ecologically made and chlorine free. Notebook pages are printed with Pin-graph, Postalco's original 1x1mm blue graph paper.


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Made in Japan
A6: 4.3"W x 5.8"L
1mm x 1mm Blue Pin-Graph Paper
Water-resistant treated fabric
Small embossed Postalco logo