Postalco Swimming in Puddles: Questioning and Making at Postalco, Mike and Yuri Abelson


This text questions the nature of material and design through a lens of a metaphor. As water can take the shape of whatever vessel it inhabits, so should we as creative thinkers and makers. We should be resourceful, intelligent, and economical. Postalco examines their process in this forthright and poignant collection of words and images.

"City planners try to prevent puddles on city streets and pedestrians do their best to avoid them. However, swimming feels great and the idea that you could swim in a puddle, a thin layer of water that has an arbitrary shape determined by the form of the sidewalk, seems impossible. Often things that we assume have only one particular use, or no seeming use, can hold other possibilities. Coincidental forms and shapes can have hidden potential. This book contains some of the making, questioning, and other unrelated, but to us, equally fascinating things we’ve discovered along the way."

Printed in Japan
224 Pages
17.5 x 23.5 / 9.3 x 6.7"