*Rare* Alocasia Chantrieri

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Alocasias, commonly known as an "Elephant Ear," are known for its distinctly shaped leaves. This 'Chantrieri' variety is less common and features bold, deep green leave with a strong burgundy underside. The dark rubbery foliage emerges a with a deep inky blue tint. 

LIGHT: Bright indirect light or direct morning sun. Avoid strong afternoon sun. Rotate regularly to keep plant growing symmetrically. 

WATER: Allow top 25% of the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

POTTING: Not recommended for potting in a container without a drain hole. Plants must have a well-draining soil medium to ensure the roots do not rot.

FERTILIZE: Spring through fall 1x/mo with 1/2 strength fertilizer 

TOXICITY: This plant is toxic. 


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