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Takazawa Candle, Tohaku Medium Candle 2-Pack + Stand


The Tohaku candle shape is an homage to the 'Pine Trees screen,’ drawn by Tohaku Hasegawa, one of the most famous painters in Japan. The pine trees in the paintings are from the landscape of Nanao City, and he drew it while recollecting his memories of the beautiful nature of his childhood home. The flame is an extension of the gentle lines of these trees, a reminder of a rustic simplicity.


Since 1892, Takazawa preserves the tradition of Japanese candle-making with superb craftsmanship while utilizing unique locally sourced plant materials. The thick wicks are made from washi paper wound with dried grass. The wax is made from the fruit of Japanese wax trees that is all natural and uniquely has no drip when burned. 


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Handmade in Japan
Sumac Wax, 130 min burn time
Box set of 2 candles & medium stand