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The Four with Plinth

$54 [sold out]

Made from premium high-fired stoneware using traditional techniques, The Four planter radiates timeless design to complement any style. The planter does not have a drain hole and is designed to fit a nursery pot.

Paired with a handcrafted wood plinth made from reclaimed wood and finished with a non-voc natural oil.

This style does not have a drain hole. We recommend keeping your plant in its plastic grower's pot and placing it inside this larger decorative pot. This will ensure that your plant will have a healthy drainage system. We only recommend potting drought-resistant plants directly into pots without a drain-hole, like cacti or succulents. 

Cylinder: 4.25" Inside Diameter x 5.75" Outside Dimension x 4.6" High
Overall: 5.25" Tall with Vessel and Plinth