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Laceleaf Floral Arrangement 

February 2022

Photography by
Marissa Alves

In partnership with Jess Gring of Odd Flowers, our first floral arrangement of the new year is the "Laceleaf." To celebrate these slightly longer days as we move towards Spring, we wanted to create a lush composition of delicate stems grounded with a few statement blooms. Aptly timed for a Valentine's Day debut, the color palette has a rich smear of rouge for warmth and a bit of drama. Place a preorder for in-store pickup or local Seattle delivery and choose from Feb 13 or 14.


Floral Subscription

A year of flowers

In continuing our partnership with Jess Gring of Odd Flowers, we are offering a yearly subscription of floral arrangements celebrating the shifting seasons at both solstice and equinox. Inspired by the in-season bounty, arrangements will vary dramatically in color palette, composition, and featured highlights to really capture and encapsulate a sense of time and place, a moment of now. Limited quantities available for preorder.


February Gift Guide

Thoughtful adornment