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This spring, Glasswing is partnering again with Chattanooga’s Nade Studio to host Maggie Pate for another series of natural-dyeing workshops. Inspired by the changing of the seasons, for our third installment with Maggie, we’ll be using fresh blossoms and traditional techniques to create natural, vibrant hues. During these hands-on classes, the beauty of in-season blooms will be captured in fibers and textiles for years to come.


Textile artist Maggie Pate has cultivated a remarkable studio that is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. Her main focus is on capturing color predominantly with food waste, collected from local restaurants and farms. In June 2018, she released her first book, The Natural Colors Cookbook. Her in-depth guide explores how to capture color with discarded food and pantry basics, making natural dyeing and sustainable colors accessible — and earth-loving — to all.




Saturday, April 27
11 am - 2:30 pm
This workshop will open up with an overview lecture on the basics of natural dyeing; then we’ll dive into the extraction process with a hands-on approach, featuring a variety of in-season blooms.



Saturday, April 27
4 - 6 pm
Within each flower, there is an explosive power of color just waiting to be revealed. In this hands-on workshop, we will use a pounding technique and a variety of flowers to create atmospheric and colorful silk scarves. This form of eco-printing has a final result similar to the Japanese technique of shibori dyeing.



Sunday, April 28
11 am - 2:30 pm
Bundle dyeing is a natural dye technique that involves laying out the dye material on the fiber and rolling it up for a steam bath. Students will create their own silk scarf using food waste items like blueberry extract, onion skins, and turmeric in an original pattern of their choosing.
Sunday, April 28
2 - 3 pm & 4 - 5 pm
One of our most popular recurring workshops, back by popular demand. Breathe new life into stained garments, repurpose old items, or add a beautiful inky-blue indigo color to a new piece. You bring your own natural fiber items, and we'll provide the indigo and fun.