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“Hard-hitting garments for hard-hitting women” is the slogan behind W’menswear, a small clothing label founded in 2015 by Lauren Yates. Each collection is developed from inspirational women throughout history who have, in their own way, paved the way for future generations of women. Glasswing will debut selections from this season’s collection in-store as Seattle’s first and only W’menswear stockist.

To celebrate the release of the collection, founder Lauren Yates and Glasswing Shop will host a designer meet and greet on Saturday, May 11th. Yates is also the creator of Ponytail Journal, a blog promoting slow and intentional living. This space was the foundation for W’menswear. Pieces in the collection acknowledges the history of workwear and its longevity while exploring the mystery of exquisite and rare slow-made textiles.





Glasswing Shop
1525 Melrose Ave
Seattle, WA 98122