Big Little News

April 2022

Photography by
Marissa Alves

Big Little News is a shop that is one part newsstand and one part bodega, tucked along Pike St on Capitol Hill near the corner of 11th. It was founded in March of 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by LGBTQ nightlife entrepreneur Joey Burgess and Tracy Taylor, the general manager of Elliot Bay Book Co. Recently they celebrated their one year anniversary in business and we’re grateful to have this gem nearby. No matter what your interests are, Big Little News has a magazine for that.


Like many in the neighborhood, Big Little News has quickly become one of our favorite parts of our weekend routine, often stopping by with nothing particular in mind and walking away with an armful of inspiration. There’s something nice about the casual quality of a magazine, which can be browsed from time to time and doesn’t require a read from start to finish. Big Little News offers everything from US Magazine to gorgeous hardbound titles which feel like precious art-objects you want in your home. Like their namesake suggests, they offer a selection of magazines both big and little.


Outside the shop is a beautiful glass storefront with the words Big Little News written repeatedly across the top in white lettering. On sunnier Seattle days, the windows let in fantastic lighting as you browse their collection of magazines, stationary, beverages, snacks and sundries. The interior is lined with birch wood and shelving throughout, with each cover prominently displayed. The shop is both minimal and peaceful, which is the perfect backdrop for the wide range of foreign and domestic titles they carry. The staff is warm and welcoming and honestly you could spend an hour picking their brain about what titles they’re excited about right now.


The right side of the shop is a beverage cooler with a selection of beer, wine, champagne, and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from. They also have a frankly wonderful selection of snacks and store-branded merch that you actually want to wear. Our friend Rachael, who worked at Big Little News, showed us around the shop and talked about some of her favorites. We were lucky to catch her on one of her last days in Seattle before she moved to Portland. You can hear the excitement in her voice as she and the staff talk about some of the latest magazines to arrive in the shop. 


Big Little News
1102 E Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122