Postalco Ivory Notebooks

$13 to $25

Japanese made spiral bound notebooks with starch-pressed cotton fabric cover will lighten with use. Ecologically made and chlorine free pin-graph paper.

Poastalco started in Brooklyn, New York. The idea that sparked the direction of the company was through the curiosity about the international transport of mail. Indicative in their logo, which is the carrier pigeon. Carefully considered and beautifully handmade in Japan, each piece is perfectly suited for daily use.


A7: 3"W x 4"L
A6: 4.3"W x 5.8"L
A5: 8.75"L x 6.75"W



Made in Japan
3 sizes available
1mm x 1mm Blue Pin-Graph Paper
Water-resistant treated fabric
Small embossed Postalco logo