Black Lives Matter

Take Action:
Ways You Can Help

June 2020

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.”

- Angela Davis


♥ NW Community Bail Fund

Northwest Community Bail Fund is a nonprofit organization advocating for bail reform and working to keep protestors out of already overcrowded jails. Currently operating in King and Snohomish Counties in WA.



♥ Black Lives Matter Seattle

Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County is a grassroots, volunteer-run, social-justice nonprofit focused on the empowerment and liberation of Blacks and other people of color through advocacy and direct action.



♥ Lavender Rights Project

Lavender Rights Project advances a more just and equitable society by providing low-cost civil legal services and community programming centered in values of social justice for trans and queer low-income people.



Educate, Use Your Voice, & Share

★ Defund the Seattle Police Department, email your City Council representative.

★ Black Lives Matter: Defund the Police, Sign the Petition

★ Watch: The Look, A Story About Bias In America, 13th Documentary

★ Read: How to Be An Antiracist

★ Listen: 1619 Podcast


Protest: Safety Tips & Notes

☮  Prioritize the voices of Black femmes and Trans-identified individuals. Recognize your power and privilege in emergency situations. Stick up for your communities of color.

☮  Please wear a face mask, gloves, and cover as much visible skin as possible without hindering your vision. Avoid touching your face as well as objects and surfaces that others have touched. Carry hand sanitizer and use it often, especially before or after touching anyone. Consider bringing enough to share with fellow protestors.

☮  Learn the symptoms of coronavirus. If you feel unwell, get tested as soon as possible. For more info about symptoms and testing, see Do not attend gatherings or protests if you are ill or have symptoms of Covid-19 or if you were exposed to someone who had the virus.

☮  In general, try to inform someone else about your location and whereabouts, ideally someone who is not attending the protest. Charge your phone and bring a backup battery.

☮  If you are arrested, here is a list of pro bono legal service providers.

We will continue to donate a portion of every Glasswing and Greenhouse sale to different local racial justice organizations through the month of June.

Every little bit helps. Thank you so much for your support.


Our Monthly Donations

June 2020: NW Community Bail Fund
July 2020: Lavender Right's Project
August 2020: Beacon Food Forest