Capturing Color from Food Waste, Natural Dyeing Workshop with Maggie Pate

$150 [sold out]

Archived Workshop:

Natural dyeing has been a steady tradition for almost all cultures. However, within recent years with the rise of synthetic dyes, the art of natural dyeing has been fading from active practice. Learn to connect to our natural world and embrace colors created from their natural essence.


This is a 3-hour hands-on workshop will give an overview of how to dye fibers naturally from food waste highlighting the use of avocado pits and onion skins.

  1. Intro to Fibers
  2. Scouring Bath
  3. Mordant Bath
  4. Resistance Patterns
  5. Dye Bath
  6. pH Shifts

During this class, the following items will be provided to practice dyeing:

-Silk Ribbon
-Cotton Tote
-Cotton Bandana

If you are interested in bringing your own fibers to dye, please email us in advance. We will try to accommodate all requests.


Textile artist, Maggie Pate has cultivated a studio that is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. Her main focus is on capturing color predominantly with food waste collected from local restaurants and farms. In June 2018, she released her first book, "The Natural Colors Cookbook." Her book explores in-depth how to capturing color with food waste and pantry basics, making natural dyeing and sustainable colors accessible to all. 


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