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Alocasia baginda 'Silver Dragon'

$20 [sold out]

Alocasias, commonly known as an "Elephant Ear," are known for its distinctly shaped leaves. This 'Silver Dragon' variety is less common and features silver foliage with dark veins that greatly contrast on each leaf. The distinction in features increase as the plant matures.

LIGHT: Bright indirect light or direct morning sun. Avoid strong afternoon sun. Rotate regularly to keep plant growing symmetrically. 

WATER: Allow top 25% of the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

POTTING: Not recommended for potting in a container without a drain hole. Plants must have a well-draining soil medium to ensure the roots do not rot.

FERTILIZE: Spring through fall 1x/mo with 1/2 strength fertilizer 

TOXICITY: This plant is toxic. 


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