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J. Hannah Nailpolish Met Set


An exclusive nail polish set created in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in celebration of the exhibition "Surrealism Beyond Borders," on view Oct. 11, 2021-Jan. 30, 2022 at the MET.


The three polish colors are inspired by a reconsidering of Surrealism's global breadth, exploring some of its iconic and symbolic motifs through pigment and palette. The set includes three completely new colors, an intentional nod toward Surrealism's use of pointedly vivid colors in shades at once striking and oddly nostalgic; a familiarity that defies easy association.


Carnelian: Sicilian Villa Faded Tomato Vermillion Chalk
Prim: Bleu Céleste Altocumulus Geothermal Clay
Enigma: Viscous Impalpable Era Original Linoleum


Made in the US
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