Plant: Ficus Lyrata Bush

$7 to $572

One of the most sculptural plants with it's large and elegant leaves. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Turn a Fiddle Leaf frequently to keep it growing straight. Like all Ficus Trees, this variety likes being root-bound in small pots.


Bright indirect light. Insufficient light causes small leaves and leaf drop. Too much sun causes the leaves of a Fiddle Leaf Fig to fade and lose their dark green color.


Allow the top 50% of topsoil to dry out and the leaves to become soft and flexible before watering.


60-80 degrees. Keep away from air conditioners, drafts, and heating vents. Intense cold or heat causes leaf drop.

Plant is toxic and should be kept away from pets and children.


Spray a Ficus Lyrata every other week with warm soapy water to ward off plant pests. Spraying a Fiddle Leaf Fig also keeps the large leaves dust free and clean so they can absorb more light.