Postalco Farmer's Felt Triple Case, Black


This long wallet has three main pockets that fold flat but expand to hold cash, cards and coins. The credit card pocket has 3 sections that keep the cards neatly stacked and vertical for easy access and visibility. Holds about 15 credit cards. A cotton fabric lining is added to inside pockets for durability. Original cut brass snap closure has a texture inspired by the human fingerprint. 


Also available in Kelp Green.


In the Paper Kitchen Fujimori-san’s paper factory is like a large kitchen. Bark fiber strips are soaked in water and laid out on tables for trimming. The paper makers wear kitchen aprons and hats. These handmade papers use much longer fibers than standard machine made papers. Polishing each sheet by hand with the famously smooth fresh Tsubaki leaf (Japanese camelia) finishes the unique texture. Kozo (Mulberry) bark fibers are the strongest of the washi fibers and is the main ingredient in Farmer’s Felt. It is grown as a sustainable farm crop, regenerating every year. Kozo is a completely renewable resource. Branches to make the fibers are judiciously trimmed allowing the plant to grow back yearly. Acid free and archival. Chlorine-free bleaching process used.


Made in Japan
Kozo and Cotton
11 x 20 cm / 4.3 x 7.9"