Plant: Philodendron Cordatum

$7 to $64

Philodendron cordatums are some of the easiest trailing species for indoors and are easily propagated from stem cuttings. These heartleaf Philodendrons are great air purifying plants and remove formaldehyde from the air.


These plants can survive in very low light conditions but bright, indirect light is ideal. Can handle some direct sun if it's in the morning light. Avoid direct afternoon sun. 

Water thoroughly, then allow the top 30% of soil to dry out before watering again. Yellow leaves usually indicate overwatering while brown, crispy leaves usually mean the plant needs more water. Increased humidity will encourage new and larger leaf growth.

The ideal temperature range is 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Philodendron cordatums should only be fertilized during their active growing season when they are producing new leaves (spring-fall). 

Plant is toxic and should be kept away from pets and children.